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In order to make the delivery of our catalogues as simple as possible, they are all stored in PDF format on our Dropbox account.

On our download page you will see how to download these catalogues.

Click “Catalogues” at top of this page

Over the years, Twoals has developed an extensive product range.

Working with the leading factories we are constantly expaning our array of parts to meet your needs.

See our product list here

Twoals has extensive experience in developing new references from customers’ drawings and samples.

Email us for details of how the process works.

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If the part you require is not in our range you can send us the details - description, part numbers, application - and we will source the item for you.

If we are unable to source it, we can discuss developing it from your samples and drawings.  Email here

Mail: Product development&body=I am interested in developing some new products.
Please contact me with details of the process. Products productlist